This page idea was sparked by my son,Alex. He is always calling/texting for substitute ingredients.. but son, you can still call…

so if your out of something or trying to clean up your dishes..try some of the ideas below;

002(This  is a useful tool to have when subbing some ingredients.)

1. instead of flour,can use equal amount of whole wheat pastry flour

2.In place of sugar, can use, Honey,brown rice syrup, maple syrup or agave. use equal amounts by weight only. (3/4 c. syrup =1.cup sugar)

3.Brown sugar,combine a liquid sweetener like agave with a bit of molasses( 1 cup of agave to 1 tbsp molasses) *brown sugar is not generally a clean sugar..

4.Eggs, there are several options on eggs. 1). 1 tbsp flax seed mill to 3 tbsp water for each egg. 2). there is a product called “egg replacer” that works quite nicely .3.) If you just don’t want to use so many egg yolks, substitute 2 egg whites for every 2nd egg used..

5.Butter. instead use, olive oil, bananas, safflower oil or unsweetened applesauce. ( ex, 1 stick of butter=1/2 c. applesauce and 1/4 c. oil) btw. if clean eating and use butter, only use unsalted butter or a vegan earth balance..

Your welcome, Alex…

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