About Caroleanne

Hello! My name is Caroleanne (pronounced Carol Anne), I am a small business owner of a plant nursery,  A wife,a mother, a grandmother(yes, I am way too young…)the housekeeper and the cook..( and a few million things in between). Now I am hoping to add blogger to the list..

I love children, sunflowers, beaches, books, and cooking! In fact, I love cooking and food so much that early in 2011, I needed a big change! I was trying to decide what I should give up for Lent when it occurred to me that what I needed was to gain back my health. I went to a local bookstore and pursed the diet section looking for healthier ways to cook. I found a book by Tosca Reno on Eating Clean. As I flipped through it, I couldn’t put it down, I actually sat in the floor of the store checking out this book.  I decided that this was the way I was going to go, it wasn’t a diet per say but a way of life..and it was lent so I had to stick with it.. Well, the rest is history, I dropped 26 pounds, no longer suffer from IBS symptoms, and my last blood work got this quote from the doc,”you now have the risk factor of a 20 year old for your cholesterol levels!” I will be 50 this year…(gulp!)

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