Ken’s Grilled Kale or Collards with Cheese


I married a great cook!

In recent years, he hasn’t cooked as much as he did in earlier years due to,in my opinion, a fear of the unknown. He goes in the pantry looks around and gets it in his mind that he can’t use all these “different and strange ingredients…” I try to tell him that he can use the unbleached flours just like the ones filled with crap,haha.. I guess he’s finally getting the jest of it after 5 years. He also is getting better at bringing things he finds from the grocery store that are clean. I think after all my explaining/preaching about reading labels is finally starting to pay off!

Anyway, the hubby came up with this recipe a little over a week back. It is so awesome! In our opinion, the Kale is better but the collards are good too.

You will need;

Kale or Collards, cut up ( with collards, no matter how I’m cooking, I take out the middle vein)

olive oil

1/4 to 1/3 c. Loccatelli or Romano Cheese, shredded

a pinch or 2 of sea salt


cooking spray


Wash kale, place in a sheet of sprayed tin foil. Drizzle heavily with olive oil.Add salt and cheese. mix well to coat the greens.


fold foil and seal.



Cook over med high heat on grill for about 20-25 min.



It was so yummy we had the kale several different days last week and the collards this week. I found myself eating them cold before reheating any leftovers, I am addicted!

Great job, Honey!!!!





















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