“Get up and Fix that Bod Challenge”

Oh my goodness! I did not need to look in the mirror…Or maybe I did! I’m in need of some physical help, Pronto! After weight fluctuating up and down last year due to some health issues , a surgery , not exercising and probably a little bit of getting older, I’m disgusted to say the least. Only two more months til It’s time to wear shorts to work.. I better get on it!

I purpose a challenge  because if you are like me, its too easy to say,”I need to exercise” and then do something else.. But if I challenge myself , I get results.. Funny how that works.

Clean food is a huge part of getting healthy and losing and then maintaining a healthy weight. I got that down pat. I am happy to be at an ideal weight. ( This challenge is for everyone, ideal weight or working on it!)

But to stay healthy, look good and feel good, we must also exercise.. I haven’t got that part..that’s where the challenge comes in.

I am not one for gyms, too many people, too costly and I just don’t have the time unless its after dark. I rather exercise in my living room after dark… I don’t own any gym equipment but an exercise ball. That’s good enough..

I have created a 30 day challenge for myself. If you’d like to join in , please do! You can follow mine or create one for yourself if your needs are different.. But please get up and get moving!!! Anything is better than doing nothing! Your body and your overall health will thank you!

My problem areas are my lower stomach, buttocks and upper legs. After my surgery,the muscles just seemed to fall and sag. It’s gotta go! My arms need some help as well. So I will be doing the following to concentrate on these areas with a few things to help all over..

I’m starting with this that I found on blogilates.com  I think it will be prefect for the butt and on legs..


Then on my exercise ball, I want to build a stronger core. Some of the stretches that I’ll do will be side stretches, mid and lower back stretches and hip raise to curl, just to name a few.

For legs , I will do some pistol squats in addition to the butt challenge above..

Thinking once a week, I’ll mix it up with a dance video or a brisk walk…

Remember to drink lots of water and to eat clean , especially while doing the challenge (and always!)

To keep myself accountable, I will post my progress each week..

I measured problem areas this morning. I ‘ve got a notebook to journal my foods and exercises each day.

I unofficially begin today but the challenge begins on Sunday (just cause no one likes to start on Monday)..

Are you with me? You can do it!

Please comment below if your joining me on taking our bodies back! What are you waiting for???






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