New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! I know it’s late January, but the year is still young! I’ve been making several resolutions/challenges in my head for weeks now but forgot to add blogging…I am determined that this will be a good all around year, personally,health wise and business wise. I hope that each of you have a great year as well!

My resolutions this year are pretty simple but they will take effort and some will take a lot of hard work to accomplish.Some are on eating clean, some are not..

First off, I am going to keep up my exercises. My physique would appreciate it . I started last night..long way to go..

Second, I am at my goal weight so just continue to eat clean for overall health and well being..

Third,Work on new ways(free) to attract more customers to my shop and have the best sales year ever!!

Fourth , I signed up for a challenge to read at least 30 books by the end of the year. This doesn’t sound hard as I love to read, but there are 4-5 months of the year that I work 7 days a week,from sun up to sun down..I ‘m good to eat and keep my eyes open.

Fifth, I really enjoyed my culinary class with Clean eating! If you haven’t taken it, it’s awesome! I’ve been cooking for 33 years and cooking clean for almost 5 years, but I learned so much ! So my challenge will be to take the second course . Unfortunately, the

second course starts in the Spring, when I start the 7 days a week at our Nursery.. but I can do it…I hope.

Last of all, Blogging, I’ve had so much going on that it takes a back seat. I haven’t had as much time to just create recipes,etc in my kitchen. So I am going to change the blog a bit, (hence the new colors and background!) I am committing to at least bi-monthly blogs. I  would like to keep doing new recipes from time to time, but also just write about eating clean, life’s challenges, food information, personal challenges or triumphs, etc..keep it fresh..

I’d also like to clean up recipes that anyone has and possibly feature them on here ! Just send them in!

Let me know if you like the direction that I am trying to take the blog!

As always,

Thanks for dropping by!






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