Life Happens

Sometimes, life not only happens, it takes us down roads we didn’t anticipate. I never intended to stay away from my blog this long even though I did know that during the Spring months I would not be able to create and blog often due to my job.

When we last met, I was already not feeling very well,( no amount of eating right was helping). I have had several doctors run so many tests to no avail. They played around with my eating habits as well, don’t eat grains, eat grains, don’t eat fruit, eat fruit, only eat starch, eat..well you get the picture..I had begun to think that  I was a guinea pig as each doctor passed me to the next ..  The result was not finding the answer for my pain but making me gain weight and feeling even worse. To make a long story short, In the past 5-6 weeks, I have had 2 procedures , the last one found the problem ! I had literally pounds of scar tissue everywhere, twisting bowels and an organ.. It has been removed, Finally! I am now trying to recoup, I have a serious lack of energy , still a bit sore and have some pounds that need to go! I haven’t been released to exercise but I can eat clean! I want my “life” back, I want to enjoy it! And I will!!

I am starting over basically . I still used clean ingredients for baking ( when allowed) and tried to eat plenty of fruits and veggies(when allowed) but I consider myself starting over .

It felt great to plan my meals and grocery list out today. I will go shopping tomorrow and hopefully preprep some things fo the rest of the week. Next week, I will go back to my Sunday prepping.

My blog domain,etc came up for renewal recently. I anticipated letting it go but I thought, why, it helped me stay on track , I enjoyed it and maybe someone else is having struggles and needs a boost.

For those of you that checked in often to see if I was anywhere around, thank you! I am back and will be trying out some recipes to bring to you asap. In the meantime, thank you for your support and not giving up!



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