Spring time = Crazy Busy Time..

It’s Spring…being in the nursery business, my life is becoming once again crazy. Last week, I couldn’t seem to make a grocery list , much less plan meals.. We are back to working 7 days,65 plus hours a week. When we do come through our door at home, we immediately start trying to get our chores done . The dog needs to walk, the dinner needs preparing, laundry has to be done, etc, etc.. I paid for not having a plan or groceries last week, I was more tempted to eat whatever which isn’t good or actually any easier..

This week, I got my plan down, bought enough groceries for a few weeks and got a little prep work done..Should be a little less stressful, I hope. Next week will be even better because I won’t have to spend my Sunday morning off going around to different grocery stores(one is out of town..) I am usually a bit better prepared for Spring, but this one has hit me totally unprepared, but I will prevail! Just need sleep…and a maid ..

Is it June, yet?


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