I Miss My Food and Possibly My Sanity

The past couple of weeks have felt like a roller coaster with its highs, lows and curves. It has been fun, exhausting and heartbreaking all wrapped into one fast moving ride.

It started with traveling to visit with my granddaughter for her 7th birthday. This was the first one since they moved from our hometown a few months back. It was a long ride down but I refuse to miss such a celebration. I played , I ate, I left that night really late … Another long ride home through the wee hours of the night. I had to get back to help my husband with Christmas trees that had just arrived at our Nursery. Then the next day, it was another birthday dinner, mine..We met with family in another town at a seafood restaurant. I enjoyed the family time and the cake but had to leave soon there after to again go to work . My actual birthday was the following day in which my hubby fed me chocolate cake and dinner out..Need I even explain that I got married the day after my birthday so our 31st anniversary was celebrated the next evening.Thats a lot of celebrating in a span of 4 days.We are currently working 7 days a week until our trees are sold for Christmas. So this means very little prep time for food.

Just a few short days later, Thanksgiving……geez. .

This past Saturday, my husband’s brother passed away. We are heartbroken to say the least. He will always be missed and be very special to us.

That being said and this being a blog mostly on clean eating, People do not eat healthy during a funeral. I wonder why people that bring food over to a grieving family always bring something fried or covered in mayo? This time, things happened so suddenly and the funeral was planned over a weekend, the family went to my brother in laws favorite buffet after services..

My insides are not happy. I haven’t had many consistently healthy meals in a while, the tummy hurts, the head hurts and I am not sleeping due to stress and way to much caffeine.I miss my food. I felt good and it actually kept me going during all the work my husband and I do at our nursery and home. I also could snap my britches..

I am not sure what the purpose of this particular post is but I do know that when I eat clean that it is much easier to get through rough situations whether it is lots of hours at work or sometimes when the roller coaster of life throws you in a downward spiral, you have the energy to face it.

The crap left in my fridge and pantry from the holidays and family coming in for the funeral is in the trash. I need to feel better, I need to get back on track,I need sleep.

Sorry for the rambling,

Guess I am saying that no matter what life events come your way, happy or sad, eat as healthy as you can. It may be hard but fit it in somehow, I have learned my lesson. Also , next time you take something to a grieving family, think twice before giving fried chicken or doughnuts.. just saying..


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