Clean Eating for Diabetic Health

A few years ago, one of my grandmothers lived with me. She was a diabetic who liked to sneak sweets in whenever she thought no one was watching. Sometimes when we were.. I wish that I had known about clean eating back then, I believe that I could have stabilized her sugar highs a lot better. Unfortunately I did not. I tried to cook as healthy as I knew how, but she had a penchant for hot dogs and spiced peaches. Seriously, she ate two hot dogs at least five days a week.

While I wish that I could’ve known how to truly cook  healthier for her, it is too late. She passed away a few years back of complications from her diabetes. But, maybe it is not to late to help someone else. I have family members that are diabetic and I worry about them. I want them to feel good, I want them to live a long happy and healthier life. So this article is dedicated to my Mema, my family and anyone who has told me that they can’t eat clean because they have diabetics.

I just have to mentally shake my head at the people that think because they have diabetes that they can eat a candy bar but can’t eat wholesome, nutrient dense foods.This doesn’t make sense to me.  I think some are making excuses and others are afraid of change or giving up the crap. But if this change means that you will feel better and even drop some of those dangerous extra pounds,why would you not ?

I will explain why this is a great way to go. Eating clean isn’t a fad diet, it is in fact a healthy way to eat. It is based on whole grains, fresh produce, lean meats and healthy fats. How is that bad for anyone’s conditions?

By increasing the frequency of your meals along with eating a combination of protein,complex carbs and healthy fats with each meal, you will prolong digestion and encourage blood sugar to remain stable between meals.If you are feeling tired during the day, especially between meals, it is usually a direct result of unstable blood glucose and insulin levels. When You eat clean, you can actually slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream thereby stabilizing the glucose and insulin levels.

Foods that are made with added sugars or made with processed flours or grains have a high glycemic index, these will cause a spike in insulin levels. When eating clean, you will eat minimally processed or unprocessed  foods. When you consistently eat nutrient dense foods you will discover a noticeable difference in your overall health, not to mention the new physique that you will acquire!

Throw out out those simple carbs like cookies, chips and crackers! They are full of over processed flours, sugars and other ingredients that are not good for anyone to consume. Seriously, If you find yourself craving these things, indulge a bite, but make them yourself with real whole foods! Homemade baked vegetable chips are wonderful and so easy to make!

Another bonus of eating clean besides to stabilize your blood levels is that you will see a drop in weight on the scale. A key to staying healthy is to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise is also key. Get moving, rev up your metabolism , eat 5-6 mini nutritious meals daily, and take back your health! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Change is not easy but it can become a habit after a week or 2. You may feel a little sluggish the first few days, but this is just your body getting rid of the years of processed foods and fat that have stored in your digestive system.  Then all of a sudden, you will feel better than you have in such a long time!

Give eating clean only a try for one month, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better that you will feel! You will not go hungry, You will eat 5-6 meals a day.. You will have more energy and you will lose the weight . Best of all, you will be able to really control your insulin levels and take your health back! Do it for yourself or do it for your loved ones.

I am here if anyone has questions or needs suggestions on how to start.

I hope that my family members will try this. I hope that you will.

I really think my Mema is smiling down at me right now. She is my inspiration to help others struggling with this disease. I hope that they have uncured and “better for you” hot dogs in Heaven. But please don’t eat them everyday, Mema!




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