Final week in the Fall/Autumn Challenge…

Well, here it is already, the last and final week of our eat clean challenge. How did you do ? Over all , I did okay..til this past week that is..the first of the week I visited my son and his family in lower Alabama. Then on Sat, I went to a cousins wedding, need I say more?

I was thinking about that wedding cake all the way there..I so love wedding cake. But first we had to get through the ceremony, sigh.. Then, some appetizers of cheese,fruit, cheese straws and crackers, oh my. Dinner was served next, only thing clean was the salad before the dressing.. Well ” when in Rome..” I figured one day was not going to kill me.  Finally the cake was cut!! I knew I’d be okay because I could tell that the icing was butter cream, not overly fond of it so I knew I wouldn’t eat much of the icing.. I took a bite of cake, umm…I took another, I didn’t finish it..I am so used to unprocessed sugars and flours that I could taste nothing but pure sugar. At first I was disappointed that one of the things I love was so nasty to me now. Yay!! One of the things I used to love is nasty to me now!!! Trust me, I no longer want a piece of wedding cake!!! I am actually very proud of this fact.

And that one day “not killing me”? My tummy is still not right. It’ll be a long time before I visit “Rome” again.. I am now more determined than ever to keep it healthy for life and lose these last 7 pounds. So I am chalking up this day of gluttony to a lesson learned..

  Week 4 (Final week)

-Continue to drink plenty of water

-Continue exercising at least 5 out 7 days.

-No heavy sauces or condiments

-continue your journals

-cut back your intake of caffeine

-pack your lunch

-keep it clean! You should be on your way to a new healthier you now!!

Week 4 , my personal challenge 

I am cutting out my dairy this week only, so no cheese! I am trying to boost my weight loss.( I only recommend cutting things that we need out for a week or less).

Also cutting back out my red meat, it just doesn’t digest as fast as white meats.( And it’s getting very expensive)

I will also follow the challenge above for the final week!

Good luck to everyone!



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