For Kids Sake


If we want our kids to concentrate and learn in school, plus grow up to be healthy and strong, shouldn’t we give them the best foods for their optimal well-being?

Like you, they need a combination of protein , complex carbs (fruits and veggies), good fats and grains at each meal. Filling them up with sugar-laden cereals, pop tarts, etc gives them a sugar rush that quickly wears off and they are left feeling tired, hungry and irritable. (Not to mention that it doesn’t help their little immune systems) This is not a great way to start the day.

Just like planning meals for ourselves, don’t we owe it to our children to do the same? Some suggestions are to make ahead whole grain or fruit based pancakes or muffins. Keep plain yogurts on hand and fresh fruit to mix with them. Also keep in stock eggs, whole wheat breads, pastas and veggies as well. These are just as easy to grab as those pop tarts and 100 % more nutritious! Did you know that while the label advertises “made with real fruit,” that a pop tart has less than 2 % of fruit? I’m not even going into the rest of the crap and various sweeteners  those nasty little things have in them..

Give the kids healthy options, let them help plan their breakfast, snacks, dinners, etc.. Most of the time if a presented food looks and smells appetizing, a kid will at least try it..Sometimes it’s “all in the packaging”. try packing their lunches in cool containers, definitely let their lunch gear reflect their personalities, not yours.

Between letting them help pick out their food ( protein, grains, fruits, veggies, etc) and letting their brain perceive the packaging as cool, the more likely it will be to get them to eat it, not toss it away. An added bonus is they will get used to it and as adults ,the more likely they will pick healthy foods over the junk.  Of course don’t deprive them of the occasional treat of cake, ice cream, etc, but don’t stock it in your everyday pantry either.

We owe it to our kids to not only protect them , but to nurture them and to provide the tools/foods to help them be as healthy as possible. For some of us, it took years of eating overly processed foods to make a change. do we honestly want our kids to struggle with our same issues. Why not make the changes now to let them start being the best they can for life instead of waiting 20-50 years. trust me, it is a whole lot better and easier to start good habits while they are young.


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