Flax Seed

Love, love, love this powerful little seed! I put it in my oatmeal,sprinkle on salads, add to my egg white omelets, bake in bread, sprinkle on my sweet potatoes..the list goes on and on!

Flax seed is very tiny but huge on healthful benefits. It is good for our cardiovascular system and digestion just to name a couple.

By adding a mere two tablespoons a day, blood pressure and blood fat can be lowered. This may be due to the omega 3 fatty acids that flax seed contains.

This little miracle seed is full of healthy fats and fiber! Flax seed is known to relieve constipation . Research has proven that most of us carry around 5 to 25 pounds of extra waste in our bowels from all the crap we put in our bodies. Flax seed helps us rid of all that excess waste and keep our colons clean.. Besides eating clean, I really believe that the flax is what “cured” my IBS!

Flax seed will not digest if eaten whole, so grind or ground before use.

Some other benefits and uses of flax seed are 1) the fiber keeps us feeling fuller longer and 2) it can be used as an egg substitute in baking(one tbsp to 3 tbsp water).

Add some Flax seed to your daily diet, I think you’ll love the benefits!


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