Keeping Track

journal entry

Over the years , I have kept a food record for various diets that I tried..calorie counts, etc. I still keep it but now it’s for my lifestyle and Not a diet.. It’s the journal that I’ve spoken of so often.. It’s easier for me to keep track of what I am putting in my body and also to make sure that I get the right combinations at each meal.

Each meal should include a lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Lean proteins are in beans, eggs, plain yogurt, nuts, and meats to name a few..

Complex Carbs are vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Also during the day, you should include healthy fats  such as olive oil, almonds,flax seed,nut butters, coconut butter, etc.

I thought that I would show you an example of how my daily entry is done. I don’t always name the foods that I have eaten on this chart but did this time to show you also what I may eat on a typical day. I usually write it down in a separate entry. I usually put them under breakfast, snack, lunch, etc…

You will notice that under each category that I have also placed a number. These numbers are how many servings of each that we should be getting every day.

How do you keep track?

As you can see I took the picture before bedtime, so I still had to drink some more water…


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