Random Ideas

I may have writers block, I have been staring at this computer off and on for days now. I have had so many mini ideas on blogs but nothing major or more than a paragraph’s worth..

Some of my random thoughts and ideas….

1. I have totally fallen in love with a Christmas present from my daughter. It is a two tiered steamer! So easy to use and the flavors from my veggies are in the “Wow” category! So far , my favorites are red potatoes, corn on the cob, brown rice, and broccoli! I love the steaming technique because it leaves more of the vitamins, minerals and taste than any other method. Totally an easy way to eat clean!

2. Clean eating Kid friendly meals and menus for when the grand daughters are here.. The other night my two year grand girl asked me for more chicken nuggets..hmmm.. We actually had grilled chicken breasts, but the thought of chicken nuggets coming from her made me think of really creating some new ways of cooking the things that they like to consume..So far, I just try to make the meals that they have always had at my house but cooked entirely clean, so far I’ve been about 90% successful as far as not hearing,”I don’t like it..” course the 2 year eats just about anything, it’s the 6 year old who is picky..but she will at least try it first!

3. As a Southerner, I spent many years cooking Southern foods, I have cleaned up some of them. I am thinking of writing down everything that I used to cook and making clean versions of them. Wondering if anyone else would be interested in some good ole Southern cooking but clean and still taste like home?

4. As some of my followers know, I had a few challenges that I created for myself recently. I am still doing well on these,except for one. I had mentioned that I was having a hard time doing the exercises, I didn’t mean cause I was so out of shape. As of today, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease and have been referred to a specialist. So until then, all stretches, etc are on hold. I am happy that it is not life threatening but unhappy that it hurts like the dickens ..but hopefully they can fix it soon and I can be on my merry little exercising self…

As you can see, I’ve had plenty of random thoughts but incomplete blog entries…If you would like for me to expand on any of the above , have something that you’d like to read about or a recipe that you want cleaned up, etc, please comment below . Even I can use a little push of motivation every once in a while!



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