Personal Challenges , Week 3

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, but at least it ended with ups! The first few days of tapering off the diet coke proved more challenging than I realized…It was Rough! But about mid week, I knew it would be not only okay but that I could actually take my challenge a giant step forward and just leave the soda behind! I do not want to fill my body with that stuff anymore but this morning I thought about it… My mind won (thank goodness!) and I am still soda free! I still have a slight headache but feel sure that it should disappear in a day or so.

My Challenges this week will be..

1) exercise at least every other day for 20 minutes, I fell way short of this goal last week. I really had a horrible headache and a cold, I wasn’t in any mood to bounce around. But I know I have to get back at it or I never shall..

2) Now that I am off the soda, I am fulfilling my water requirements but am drinking too much tea with raw sugar, so now I am challenged to drink the tea without so much sweet in it. Guys , I am from Georgia, we LOVE our sweet tea! I tried agave and honey in cold tea cause I am not a fan of the hot tea, boy did my stomach and weirdly enough my chest hurt.. I switched to making my tea individually so I could dissolve raw sugar in it and then add ice.. this is addictive as my soda.. so now gotta bust the sugar in my tea..

3) Change up my breakfast plan, I eat oatmeal and boiled egg whites everyday, I love them, but I need to shake things up and get some variety in my breakfast.. I think the oatmeal fills me really quickly and then for some reason I am hungry within an hour instead of 2 or 3.. So my challenge is to eat a different breakfast but keeping in clean eating guidelines of protein, grains, carbohydrates..

4) I lost 2 pounds this past week, I would love to lose 2 more this coming week. My challenge this week is to pay more attention to my mid morning snack/meal , The past 2 weeks, I have just grabbed some grapes or whatever, but not really eating the right combinations or skipping it altogether. This needs to stop before it becomes a habit. I will go back to planning my snacks when I plan my meals..

I hope that you have a good week in whatever your challenges in eating clean or life in general may be and wish you all the success you deserve!


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