Good ole Tomato Gravy!

Tomato gravy, a southern must have…..I haven’t made just tomato gravy in years,it isn’t exactly the cleanest of dishes.. but I think I have fixed that! The hubby has been talking about this dish for months, I know he thinks that I have been ignoring his craving, poor guy! But I had to think about it and play with it for a while.. He’s a happy man !

Tomato Gravy ( may be a little different color than what you are expecting, but I cooked it with heirloom tomatoes…


3 tbsp olive oil

3 Tbsp plain flour(unbleached,etc)

about 14-16 oz tomatoes, cut up.

1 cup water

1 c organic chicken broth

1 tbsp honey

sea salt and pepper to taste..

First heat the oil, then add the flour. stir constantly til flour starts to turn brown.Add tomatoes, stir til well mixed together.Add other ingredients, stirring to mix well, let simmer til consistency is how you want it..15-25 minutes…

Serve on rice, biscuits, grits, the possibilities are endless!

alex bd 2014 013


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