This ain’t going to be easy…

Oh, man! My biggest challenge for myself this week is to wean myself off the diet soda…What in the world was I thinking?! I am addicted, I admit it, I want to fix it, It ain’t going to be easy..

I got up this morning, drank my water and 1 regular diet coke, went to work. I waited a while , sipping on water like it was going out of style,while hearing the diet coke calling my name.. I finally got up and got a caffeine free diet coke.. Ahh.. that was better..I fooled myself in to thinking maybe I just like carbonated drinks.. Umm, Wrong!!! I had another regular diet coke late this afternoon just to try to ward off this headache and sluggish feeling.. Not working. I would hate to think what I would be feeling if I had just quit cold turkey..

Came home to read the internet and look up all the dangers of this “drug” that I seem to need so desperately. My thinking was to remind myself of all the reasons that I am giving it up to begin with. I feel a bit more rejuvenated to continue this battle, but it ain’t going to be easy…but it will totally be worth the benefits for my health!


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