Personal Challenges, Week 2..

So how did the week go? Mine over all went well and I am ready for week 2 of my personal challenges.

Week 2

1. continue to drink 8+ glasses of water daily

2. Decrease my caffeine by at least half this week. As I have mentioned, I love my diet coke.. I know it is very bad stuff and I want off of it! I bought some caffeine free diet to switch out during the day when my mind thinks I need a soda..I hope to cut out at least 1/2 my soda by the end of the week . Next week I will work hopefully on eliminating all the soda, but I think it’ll be easier to slowly get off the caffeine first.  I have tried getting off this stuff before and obviously didn’t win the battle, so wish me luck!

3.increase my flax seed and calcium intake..

4.exercise increased by 5-10 min..

I also have set some other personal goals for myself. To some they may seem small or trivial, but they are things that I used to enjoy doing on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s the little things that make us happier and sometimes it’s the little things that get put on the back burners while we take care of life.. Remember to also take care of yourself or it doesn’t matter how healthy that you become, if your not happy. I am planning on practicing what I preach this week..

1. Read at least 1-2 books a week..I used to be an avid reader, now I don’t get to read as much as I would like and I miss it and want that me time back!

2.Take a bubble bath, I moved in my house just over 3 years ago and haven’t had a relaxing bubble bath in the entire 3 years. Only my grand daughters have bathed in my big tub.. This also goes under ,”I must learn to relax and enjoy the simple things..”

3. To say something positive to myself about myself at least twice a day. No criticizing myself!

Well, I have a lot to work on this week but I am determined!

Everyone have a wonderful week !


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