Week 1 Challenge coming to an end..

Tomorrow is the last day of the week 1 challenge. Did you challenge yourself? How did it go?

Only one day did I fall short on the water program, I only had 5 glasses..but it wasn’t easy, I felt like I should sprout a mermaid’s tail, I felt like I was swimming in it..

Stretches are hard for me, but I am doing them. I hurt, but I am proud of myself!

As far as my health journal, I am really getting into it, it is becoming so much more! My book is becoming more than a record of the days foods, drinks,and exercises! I am currently rereading “your best body now” by Tosca Reno. In it she explains how healthy is not just physical but emotional as well. I have been thinking this over for a few days. Now I am thinking positively about changes in other things other than diet and exercise as well! My journal is a great place to put all these dreams,wishes and goals in right along with everything else! Your well being isn’t just how toned your outside is or just the food that goes inside, it’s how healthy and happy your brain and heart are with yourself as well! I am thinking this latter may be a bit more challenging to me and probably others than eating the right things, but I am up for it!

Tomorrow evening , I will post the challenges for week 2. I have them written down, but may want to express more on each one or add something else to do or pick from..

I really would like to know how any of you will be challenging yourselves or what your goals are? 

Take care


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