Personal Challenges, week 1

Deciding to do at least a month’s worth of weekly challenges for myself, I have had to take a long honest look at what I really need to incorporate in to my everyday quest for health. The look wasn’t easy or pretty , let  me tell you..I was already telling myself ,”I don’t want to do that or I can’t do this!” Isn’t this what a challenge is, to prove to myself that I can? Or at least to keep trying til I get it right? My problem is that I have let myself become complacent, not give myself new goals after I reached  the weight I wanted. But eating clean wasn’t just to lose the weight, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle for my health. I love the way it has made me feel and that I can wear a size 2 pant.. Now I want more! I want to really embrace a healthy life, I have people depending on me to be around..I depend on me as well! So , here goes nothing.. (here comes everything!)

I am giving myself three challenges/goals this week.. feel free to pick one or all 3 and do this with me, or make  your own challenges, but most importantly , make a change somewhere..

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, I am still at 7 , sometimes 8..I don’t know why this is so hard for me..

2. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day, I will be doing stretches and walking.. Do whatever is different for you, ramp up your routine or simply walk to your mailbox and work up to walking around the yard..Just get up and move!

This will be the hardest for me, I move constantly , am always on my feet at least 85 % of my day,so I may want to just rest a minute… plus I have some issues that I am hopefully having corrected through surgery next month, it literally is not easy to do stretches but I am going to rise up to the challenge! I will find out which ones won’t kill me, I suppose..

3. Re-start my food journal, I do a great job of planning my meals, etc, but a food journal is another great tool in keeping on track and focused.It also can let you know if you are getting enough of your carbs, proteins,grains etc in each meal and snacks..  Write down everything that you eat and when, also when you drink water, exercise, how you feel , etc.. It doesn’t have to be just food, in fact , I believe that I will rename mine the Healthy Me Journal…

Wish me luck, I certainly wish you the best in your own personal challenges this week!


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