Over the next few weeks, I am going to be challenging myself on really getting even healthier.  I love the clean eating lifestyle but I have fallen short on a few things lately. I drink too much soda, I love treats (I keep them clean, but still love sugar!) and list goes on! After reading several different blogs over the past year, I notice that the bloggers like to do weekly challenges. I love a good challenge, if I am challenged then I shall really put my best foot forward.. So, starting on Sunday, I’ll post my weekly challenge for myself. You are welcome to follow along or create your own. Either way, we can cheer each other on! Are you up for it?

Right now, I am challenging myself to drink more water. We need at least 8 glasses a day, I am up to 7.. I drink it with each of my meals/snacks so that is 6 glasses already. I make myself do the 7th one.. My goal /challenge is to drink 9 glasses a day by Sunday…Seems simple, but I really rather have a diet coke.

So , Is anyone up to some simple ,yet needed challenges to their lifestyles? I am also open to suggestions as long as they stay in the realm of clean and healthy! Let me hear from you!!


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