Make ahead dumplings

dumpling 001


One of my all time favorite comfort foods is Chicken and Dumplings. There is not any reason I could think of to give them up so I make a clean version that is just as good if not better than the ones I made in a previous time .. But I am jumping ahead of myself! Before the Chicken, comes the Dumplings! Since I am serving this dish tomorrow night , I made up my dumplings tonight.

All you need is your favorite clean eating biscuit recipe. (I use a recipe from King Arthur, subbing all no-no ingredients with clean ones) After it is mixed, lay out a sheet or 2 of waxed paper with a few dustings of flour on the surface. Place floured dough on paper and roll til smooth and fairly thin. Cover dough in wax paper til covered completely, tucking in sides. Place in freezer for 3 hours to 2 days. If making weeks ahead, place wrapped wax paper with dough in a big baggie or cover tightly with plastic wrap. Or you can freeze til set , cut them and place back in freezer in small baggies..

When ready for dumplings take out of freezer, cut or simply break it up and put in whatever dish you are making. Don’t pull out til you are ready to use! I cut them immediately and put in my hot chicken broth to cook . Yummy comfort in a bowl!


Tomorrow, I will post the chicken and dumpling recipe. It is so simple!


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