Resolutions..It’s that time again

Happy New Year!

I am very happy to see it arrive, 2013 was a very trying year . I fully embrace the new start with much hopeful anticipation! That being said, I have been mulling over my New year resolution(s). The past six weeks have been a roller coaster of holidays, dinners out, family get together s, company , baked goodies ,etc.. I have to admit that I am so disappointed with myself, I fell off the clean eating wagon and  gained 5 lbs…I still tried to cook with clean ingredients whenever possible, but even then, my portion control ..well, there wasn’t much control. Then , we started working 7 days a week  so my one day each week to prepare breads, meals, etc was gone. Yes,I  know, I am full of excuses.. After 2 years, I screwed up. But instead of beating myself up completely, I am dusting it off and forgiving myself. After all, I am only human. I know 5 pounds isn’t much, but it’s difficult to breathe in my jeans. I am more upset that I am messing with my health. I can feel the difference already with several issues that I had under control. This I can not afford to let go on! I am going to look at my “failure” as a positive learning experience, I learned what I already knew.. that if I want to be as healthy as possible , I must eat clean! As of now, I do not feel good and am sluggish..I can’t wait for my morning oatmeal tomorrow!

So, my most important resolution of 2014 is to completely take back control of my meals and my health. I don’t ever want to go back to where I was just 2 short years ago.

How many of you are ready to join me? Maybe the holidays or something else all together affected your healthy lifestyle as well..Maybe you just want to finally be healthier..Whatever the reason, Know that we can do this together and that no one is alone in their struggles..



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