Put down that Candy Bar!!! Really, Put it down.

Yesterday, when I was in line at the store , I overheard one cashier ask another employee to please buy her a candy bar. She said she just had no energy and needed a pick me up..The employee said she felt the same way and would buy both of them some candy.. Oh , my goodness…
I remember doing the same thing back in the day, but it really isn’t a great idea to eat foods that cause a sudden sugar spike. You may get a sudden burst of energy but you soon crash and feel even worse.
To keep energy levels up, you should eat foods that will keep your body and mind energized for longer periods of time. Some foods that will better give you a steady amount of boosts to get you through the day are as follows:
Brown rice or pasta
Almond butter
These of course are a lot better for you than that chocolate bar and they don’t cause zits or obesity, either..
Also eating clean and eating 5-6 mini meals a day will help any of those slumps as well..

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