Natural Appetite Suppressants

Everywhere I look, I see diet pills and appetite suppressants. Have you ever tried these? I have tried several in my day. I shudder to think of all the crap I was swallowing in the name of dieting and health. None of it is or was healthy. Eliminating processed foods and practicing portion control has been the best road to health and weight loss that I have ever tried. It is now a habit to cook clean, buy clean, etc.. but like everyone else, I get those pangs of “I need a snack or I am hungry!”. Instead of reaching for anything you can find, try reaching for some apples,spinach,egg whites, unsalted almonds or carrots. These are natural suppressants and good for you! ( btw, the almonds are proven to help reduce cholesterol.) Water is also good to curb the appetite and helps keep you hydrated. Leave those pills and shakes on the shelf !

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