Plan and Pack Your Meals…….

In order to be successful in eating clean, you must plan your meals and carry your food with you everyday . Don’t forget your mid morning meal, lunch, and mid afternoon meal if you will be gone all day. Make sure that your meals include complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. The mid morning and afternoon meals are smaller than your lunch and shouldn’t take a lot of prep time.Lunch may take more effort but it can be done with careful planning.( It will become like second nature after a while.)

There are ways to simplify the planning process. One example would be to cook extra for your evening meals then you can simply eat the left overs for lunch the following day. If you have more than one portion leftover, freeze it til you are pushed for time and it can be quickly grabbed on your way out the door..

Another shortcut that I use is boiling eggs twice a week. On Sundays, I boil enough for breakfast and/or a lean protein snack for Ken and I . On or about Wednesday, I do it all over again to last through Sat.  Eat the whites only. You can have 1 yolk a day, but the rest needs to be whites.

I also like to grill extra chicken breasts during the week, they can be cut up and served on a salad, wrap sandwich or served with veggies/fruit on the side..

If you have access to a fridge at work, keep some plain yogurt, milk,low fat cheese and fruit for lunches, snacks or emergencies. In your desk, you could have the snack size baggies filled with a supply of nuts and /or dried fruit. Keep a good supply of clean foods at work or in your car at all times..

Some more ideas for your away from home meals are,

_make your own snack mixes

-make a fruit salad

-wrap sandwiches

-pita sandwiches (whole grain)

-apple or banana with natural nut butter or raw unsalted nuts

-grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies in a whole grain bun

-salad with chick peas

-roasted turkey with an apple or pear

-sweet potato and grilled chicken on bed of romaine

-plain nonfat yogurt with a sliced banana and blueberries

-egg whites with an apple

The list goes on …be creative , just make sure you have lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats!


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