Dining Out

It is unavoidable , there are times when we find ourselves going out for a meal , whether it be a social occasion or just an unplanned situation. But don’t fret, there are ways to enjoy your meal and still eat healthy!

Some terms to look for on a menu that are actually healthier and cleaner than other options are as follows:

Baked ( but if includes a sauce, ask that it be left off or put on the side)






Some other terms are sauteed or stir fried, just ask if the chef will limit his use of salts and fats..

Another thing that you can do is scan your menu, you may be able to substitute vegetables or brown rice for white rice or pastas that are listed. Speaking of pasta, opt for the whole wheat noodles and a red sauce.

Also remember that portion control should be practiced no matter what our dining options. Most restaurants have huge portions, eat about 1/2 and take the rest home. Some places will even let you split a meal with your date Others will allow you to order a smaller portion or a child’s plate.

Now, on to the terms you should avoid..

A La King









Alfredo ( was my fav)

Au Gratin


Another thing to remember is that you do not have to order a meal, you can make your own by ordering sides like salad, veggies, or a healthy appetizer. mix them up the way you want! If you find yourself going out for lunch, if possible, hit a make it yourself salad bar or a hot buffet.. leave off those hot breads though….

It does take a little effort to eat clean or healthy when dining out but it can be done!

Eating at home is of course the best due to the fact that you know exactly what went in to preparing your meal (not to mention it’s cheaper and you can use the left overs for lunch the next day!) But when you do go out, relax, have fun and enjoy your meal , just try to follow some of the guidelines that I mentioned ..

My next info post will be on packing your lunches and snacks ..

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