Describing eating clean, do’s, don’t’s and misc.

Let me see if I can break it down for you. With some planning ,it can be done! It will get easier as time goes on and the habit of eating healthy becomes a good one. Remember that we are all human and therefore we are creatures of habit. If your habits include things like going through a drive thru or eating tons of ice cream, chips,etc, be patient , no one is going to perfect anything over night. It takes at least a month to break old habits. If you slide on something or have a treat, it’s okay. Do not beat yourself up over it, just make your next meal clean.. Ken and I still have a “cheat or treat” now and then, but I don’t really crave them to much anymore.

Some rules,

-Avoid unhealthy fats, especially  stuff like sauces,cream, margarine and lard, just to name a few.

-Do eat whole, refined and unprocessed foods. For example, eat fresh fruits and veggies and unprocessed flours..

-Avoid artificial substances, examples, imitation vanilla or artificial food colors

-Avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives

-Watch your sodium intake, switch that table salt for sea salt

-Choose low fat not nonfat dairy products

-Do eat nutrient dense foods like lean meats, unsalted nuts and olive oil.

-Do drink lots of way to make it easier to get some of your water is to only have it at each of your meals..

-Avoid or limit fruit juices

– do practice portion control! Don’t eat til you can’t move! No need to watch /count calories!

– Eat 5-6 times a day, combining protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats at every meal.

Now that you have read the general rules, you can either throw everything bad away that is in your kitchen or slowly weed out by replacing bad stuff with clean stuff as you use it.. It took me a few weeks to totally turn my pantry around. I started by just throwing the chips out. After that, I donated some can goods and as other items were used, I did not bring them back in. I only brought in clean, wholesome foods..Best way to shop is to pretty much avoid the aisles…shop the fresh produce, meats and dairy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy packaged products, but read those labels extremely close.

These are foods that should be on your list ,daily,

– Healthy fats 2-3 servings

examples-avocados , nut butters, olive oil,etc

-Carbs from fresh fruits and veggies 4-6 servings

examples, grapes, apples, bell peppers, zucchini, cabbage, etc.

-Complex and starchy carbs from whole grains, 2-4 servings

examples, brown rice, wheat germ, 100 % whole wheat or grain pasta, sweet potatoes, bananas,oatmeal,etc.

-Lean Proteins,6 servings

examples, all beans, canned tuna packed in water,egg whites,soy milk,lean cuts of meat, fish, unsalted nuts, etc.

Try buying the leanest cuts of meats., 94-96% lean or grain fed only,organic..uncured ham or bacon. ( bacon, even uncured is fat, so use rarely)

Just about any recipe that you make from scratch , can be alternated to a clean one. Sometimes, you just have to play around with the ingredients. Don’t worry about no longer having your family favorites, just cook them healthier!

Now you know generally how Clean eating works, You can do it! I love it,  It is not a diet per say, but a way of life. If you want to lose weight, this will do it and if you continue to eat clean, your weight will maintain itself. Your health may just thank you one day .


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