For the love of bread..

I have been busy most of my day working on breads that are posted below.. My hubby came in and claimed it smelled like a bakery.. this makes me happy.. In fact he sampled so much of it, he couldn’t eat all his dinner tonight, though he did seem to have room to sample a nice slice of my orange gingerbread..(also posted below)

I love bread, unfortunately there are not a lot of “clean ” breads out there to choose from, but, fortunately I love to cook! I have to be careful not to eat more than my portion, a portion being not overly thick and no bigger than the length of my hand.

When I bake breads, I try to make several loaves, muffins, etc.. to last a couple of weeks. I pre-slice  the loaves and freeze some as whole and some in individual bags. This is great for quick breakfast fillers,packing lunches during the week, supper, etc..

Hope that you enjoy these breads as much as the hubby did!mi 001


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