It may be August, but there is a chill in the air..put me in the mood for some chili! This is my own recipe that I actually won an award in a clean eating contest for last year!

Caroleanne’s Chili

1/4-1/2 cup water

1 lb (97%lean)ground turkey

! med to large chopped onion

1 can organic tomato sauce

black pepper several dashes ground red pepper

fresh or jarred Jalapeno slices

2-3 med fresh tomatoes, chopped or 1 box/jar diced

chili powder

1-2 teas flax seed (opt.)

1 tsp cumin

Brown the turkey with the onion in large skillet, seasoning with dashes of chili powder and black pepper. Add all other ingredients, than add more chili powder, red and black pepper to desired taste and heat.

Simmer at least 30 min. I simmer mine up to 2 or 3 hours when time allows. I like my chili a little chunkier and the flavors really come out at their best when slowly simmered. stir often.

You can replace ground turkey with lean ground beef. I use the 96% lean.When I can, I also buy the certified organic , no added stuff ..

clean eats 002 clean eats 004 clean eats 005


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