Let’s Discuss that Sugar….

Okay,I see your eyes rolling! Don’t get upset ,I am not asking you to give up sugar…just the  over-processed, refined type such as the over indulged  white table sugar. It is a refined carbohydrate that quickly turns into glucose almost as soon as you swallow. It will cause a release of a lot of insulin .Sugar has also been processed  to the point of extracting any nutritional value.

But,on the other hand, unrefined,minimally or unprocessed sugar/carbohydrates have not only their nutritional values,natural plant sugars but also have fiber. Fiber helps slow down the release of glucose in your blood,which in turn helps keep insulin at an even level..

Unprocessed/unrefined carbohydrates from fruits,vegetables and whole grains,along with lean protein are nutrient dense and  the most healthy way for you to eat-the way nature intended..

Please when using even natural sugars ,remember to watch your portions.

Some examples of healthy natural sugars are; brown rice syrup,molasses, sucanat,turbindo,pure maple syrup,pure  cane syrup,fruit sugar unsweetened applesauce,agave nectar and local honey.

Did you know that an artificial sweetener can  harm or actually kill a diet? Your body actually stores it as a fat..Please do not eat the following forms of artificial sweeteners; sweet and low,saccharin,aspartame(nutri sweet and equal),sugar twin,sucralose (Splenda) ,sorbitol,mannitol,xylitol,and high fructose corn syrup.

Remember to read those labels on everything! Refined sugars are hidden everywhere and come with many names..my general rule is if it includes sugar,it stays on the shelf..unless it states one of the unrefined sugars ..

In closing, I will leave you with a few items  that have hidden sugars (and probably a host of other junk) included in them..

Lattes,Cheerios,white bread, even  most packaged wheat breads,deli meats,ketchup,frozen fries,frozen veg.,granola and peanut butters…


2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss that Sugar….

    • Stevia is clean! It is a natural sweetener from a plant. if you watch calories,it’s count is 0,so a bonus! The sweetness of stevia is concentrated,best when diluted with water.. about 1/2 cup of Stevia = 1 cup refined white sugar! Just make sure you buy stevia with no additives!
      btw..Thanks for my first question! I feel official now!!

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