Grocery Labels

A good way to avoid all that nasty stuff in our frozen and canned goods that we buy is to really read the labels.. Look at the ingredients, if salt or sugar is there, keep looking.. for example a frozen bag of peas should only have peas and maybe water listed. A good rule of thumb is if my 5 year old granddaughter can’t pronounce the ingredients, it stays at the store. Fresh is best but Not always possible.

Another thing to avoid is packages that say spices or other spices.. this usually means they have added salt, sugars and possibly other things you don’t need or want. The spices should all be listed. Even some our spices have hidden sugars, etc. Garlic Powder should read Garlic powder…

I try to make my own spaghetti sauce whenever possible, but like everyone else , I need to grab a jar once in awhile..When I first started cleaning up my diet, I had the hardest time finding a spaghetti sauce without sugar or salt.. I finally found a few, but only buy when deemed necessary or my local discount grocery has it in stock. If you make your own, double a batch and stick it in the freezer for a future quick meal.



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