Welcome !

Welcome to the “Eat Clean Junkie”! Through this blog, I would like to share my journey along the road of reclaiming my health and energy through eating better and healthier. I still hit some road blocks along the way, but I keep on trying!

Even if you don’t eat “clean” you can still use these recipes that I will share with you. Some I have created on my own, some I have cleaned up and made healthier versions of family favorites and some I do get from other sources. What I love about eating clean is it is a way of life not a diet. I’ve been on plenty of those and once the diet is over you are either sick or the weight comes back… I have not gained back my weight that I lost last Spring .

I eat 6 meals a day, this includes snacks . Your not giving up anything! Your just preparing and cooking your meals in a more natural and healthy way! The weight continues to drop til your body is around its normal weight range. It’s even faster and your body looks better if you exercise.  Btw, exercise is not one of my things I am easily motivated for.. I’m not lazy, I am on my feet working all day, but something about a sit-up..

Best thing is eating clean is not a diet but a lifestyle.. once the weight has come off, you are in the habit of eating healthy and your body maintains your weight.

I do occasionally enjoy a “cheat”..I just try not to gorge..unless it’s birthday cake..then all bets are off!

Basics Of Clean Eating


-Eat more , up to 5 or 6 small meals daily

-Within an hour of rising, eat breakfast

-Eat a combination of healthy fats every day (2-3 servings)

-Drink at least 8 glasses of water ,daily

-Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins

– Learn to plan your meals/snacks / pack your lunch

-Learn portion control

-Do not eat processed flours and sugars , reach for the unbleached, unrefined..( explain more in another post)

– Get out of the McDonalds drive thru…….


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